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Conference Map
Please see the map below for directions to the University, on-campus locations as well as dining and entertainment venues.

Getting to the University

There are numerous car rental outlets available.
See the map below for directions to Campus Tower Hotel. 
If you are staying at the Lister Residence, you will proceed down 87th Avenue to 116 Street.


Edmonton Sky Shuttle
The Sky Shuttle goes directly from the airport to the University Campus. Please note this service must be prebooked.
The shuttle makes its stops based on the needs of its riders during the trip, so you need to tell them where you are going.

·       If you are travelling to Student Residences (including Lister and Schaffer), ask for Lister Hall.

·       If you are travelling to Campus Towers Suites, ask to go to HUB Mall, which is very close to the Suites. 

·      If you are staying elsewhere, please see SkyShuttle's list of the places they service for the location nearest you.

Edmonton Transit System
EIA Express Route 747 Bus Service $5
The EIA express bus will take you from the Edmonton International Airport to the Century Park lrt station. Once you are there, you must take take the lrt from this station to University Station.

The flat rate fare from the EIA to Edmonton is $55. 



Campus Tower Suite Hotel
 - offering standard hotel facilities with limited or full kitchenettes

Lister Centre
- student residence style accommodation, with several price options depending on whether the bathroom facilities are shared or en-suite. 

Phone: (780) 492-6056
Fax: (780) 492-5597